We were asked recently 'Why FAMARA'?  

We love telling the story of our brand.  In 2016 we came across a self development technique - to write down all the things we loved in order to create a lifestyle that encompassed all of those things. We did just that. 

              Surfing, Golf, Sailing, Art, Beachlife, Natural fabrics, Lanzarote 

We then spent one week repeating a mantra. "It's easy making money doing what you love" and wrote down any inspiration that came to mind. 

The inspiration for FAMARA was born and we developed the idea to create art as something you could wear and also stylish accessories that would live in your home, 

The art I'd created as a hobby was reborn - from these large stack of canvasses I started to restyle the artworks into designs that were then printed onto the most premium of fabrics.

The first year of production we made mistake after mistake with suppliers.  Without investment, our credit cards were bending with the overload. We worked tirelessly in day jobs to pay the bills but also to re-invest into the business. Tenacity became a way of life and sleep became a distant memory. 

Finally our first collection was ready.  

Our website was created, our collection soft launched, and the journey truly began. A year on, we are just ramping up for the full launch and working on the second beachwear, homeware and accessory collection. We have plans and sketches underway for our sportswear and lingerie collection launching in 2018 and we have a supportive bank manager! 

FAMARA products hit the high streets in 6 market towns and another 3 should be stocking by the end of the summer 2017. 

Things are slowly taking shape and last month we hit a good number of sales.  We are learning every day, the team are strong and committed to this vision,  and our designs and fabrics continue to overwhelm us with their beauty. 

Why FAMARA? The brand name was inspired by FAMARA beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote, with its pale golden sand that stretches for over five kilometres.  At low tide the water forms a film on the sand which reflects the sky and 1500 metre high cliffs that form a backdrop to the beach, like a mirror.  

The sunsets are spectacular, and the crashing turquoise waves create a surfers paradise.  The ocean's energy and magnificent beauty in this one spot are immortalised through my art and embedded in my heart and mind.

FAMARA embodies this.

Explore your Individuality - FAMARA 

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