September 2017

This month has come and gone with a cacophony of activity on FAMARA.  We've got our beautiful poppy scarves coming out in time for Remembrance Sunday.

Creating and finding new ideas is my comfort zone - business and sales are a struggle! 

We're still hoping to uncover the secret of online sales, as most of our sales are through the stockists that we now have in place.   It's an interesting challenge - entering the mindset of our consumer and understanding their buying patterns.  

We threw some money at Google Advertising but that didn't seem to reach our audience, so we then threw some money at Facebook Advertising and that seems to be reaching our audience with a little more success. 

Keeping going is the biggest challenge and I have to admit some days I have to physically kick myself up the butt to continue to wade through the minutae of running the business whilst desperate to keep creating.  

With 6 stockists in place, and a further 20 on the horizon we're reaching a tipping point!



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