Spring 2019

My studio is in the Pewsey Vale and you might ask why?  I've lived in this area on and off for over 20 years and yet my itchy nomadic feet take me far and wide.  I once wrote a book called Swallows and Oak Tree's and much as I would love to be the latter, the call of adventure pulls me constantly.  Marlborough and the surrounding villages bring me home. 

My work is mainly seascapes. I love the sea. I was born by it and as my dear dad used to say - "it will never leave your side" I lived on a Spanish island for years surrounded by tempestuous waters finding a thousand colours just in one wave, and was drawn to surf when I was aged 40 and then to sailing.  Depending where in the world you are and how the weather is looking, colours of the sea range from inky black, to the palest pink, or pull through rich and earthy hues from the sand as the wave crashes to the shore. 

Art has been a tempestuous journey of it's own, little about the practical application to the canvas, but more about allowing the expression of a silent heart to be heard.  I failed my O'level art and believed my teacher when she told me I had no creative talent.  Yet in my bedroom I would sketch and draw images, a lot of boats, a lot of people and write poetry. I believe she was wrong. 

In 2016 I found the confidence to hold my first exhibition and 110 people came. I sold many pieces of art, received commissions and begun to build the FAMARA brand using my art as inspiration. Since then I've held many events and next week hang a number of paintings in Chichester Yacht Club for one month. I love this. 

Everything in the studio is created by me, or my team, pulling designs from the paintings themselves.  Our new collection of complementary lounge wear and sports wear are designed by myself and manufactured to our highest capability and therefore you won't find anyone wearing the same garment unless they've been to our studio. 

Footfall has been slow and painful since Christmas, and every Friday we hope that someone will come by, even for a chat, but better yet to perhaps enjoy the creative hub that exists right on their doorstep. 

I'm urged by mentors to move closer to the sea, thinking that due to the designs being often nautical, it would have a better reaction,  but being a tenacious creature I want my studio to succeed. 

Failure is easy and to step away is sometimes tempting but never going to happen. 

So here is the thing, we've had 2 visitors to the studio since December and I need to make some decisions over the coming months. 

Would you do me the privilege of visiting Niki and myself over the coming weeks on a Friday and then feedback to me whether or not you think that trying to sell independently designed and beautifully finished products here in Pewsey, is futile, and that I should move the studio somewhere else? 

I guess I just don't want to find myself moving from this area and then reading that the community (that I love) are wishing that I hadn't :-)

A friend of mine wrote a book called Business is Personal and it is.  I definitely do a merry jig after every sale, and I always see the best even when we've had no visitors, it's such a calm space surrounded by art and I'm always loving sitting there thinking of new ideas and inspiration. 

I've broad shoulders so I'll take the bad comments with the good, just to learn. After all that's what life is about isn't it? 

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on a Friday. 

Fordbrook Centre.  Pewsey. SN9 5NU







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