Sun, Sea, Sand - Sumatra

Fabric underpins FAMARA.  Without finding the most luxury of cloth we aren't he brand we set out to be.  It's not enough to look beautiful, the collections need to feel beautiful. 

We found a fabric quite by chance that has revolutionised our production of the "beach buddy" collection. 

Having been a surfer myself, I know that carrying wet sandy towels home is a nightmare.  When we accidentally discovered a fabric that could be used to pat dry our skin after surfing and, after a few moments draped over a hot rock, or the bonnet of the car, would dry almost completely.  Added to that the fabric is so sheer it repels the sand and rolls back up nice and dry to take home. 

What I didn't realise at the time, is that this fabric is perfect for travellers and backpackers.  It is extremely light, rolls up next to nothing, and now we are investing in a collection of "beach buddy" beachwear we can almost provide a full wardrobe weighing less than 5kgs and fitting into a small rucksack! 

This year my daughter headed off to the jungle of Sumatra with a friend, and they tucked a few sarongs, and FAMARA shirts into their ruck sacks.  In the dense humidity these items have been a godsend. The light 100% cotton is perfect for warding off insect bites, and being such a light fabric the girls can barely feel it on their skin.  No more clammy, uncomfortable stickiness.   The shirt and sarong roll up so small, and provides a really soft and gentle garnet to cover sunburned skin. 

As a beach towel the 'beach buddy' scarves and sarongs are quick to repel the sand, and large enough to roll over your legs or act as a sunshade when reading a book. Wear over a bikini and with a pair of FAMARA white linen harem pants and flip flops to 'get the look' 

We hit another set back last year when our supplier stopped their production of the cotton. After long searches in India, China, Europe and the US, we finally found some of this ingenious texture closer to home! We have bought them out of stock and have ordered several hundred metres to respond to the weight of pre-orders we're receiving.  We have the scarves and sarongs in stock, and the "beach buddy beach wear collection' will be launched in the Autumn ready for next year. 

We are excited about this range, so please follow us @famaraonline and look out for the pre-order button! 


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